Enhanced thinking about diversity & inclusion

FairFrame is the first 'spellchecker' for unconscious bias, built upon decades of behavioral science and artificial intelligence


Our editor provides real-time, personalized feedback on written communication about others, for use in performance reviews, job advertisements, candidate assessments, and much more


Utilizing decades of behavioral science research in on unconscious bias, FairFrame helps bring what’s unconscious (and often unintended) into our awareness


Our goal is to help our customers significantly reduce risk and employee turnover attributed to experience of bias in the workplace, and improve employee engagement


FairFrame is an award winning technology platform and a Barclays Techstars company

FairFrame is part of the 2019 cohorts for the NYC FinTech Innovation Lab and NYU Future Lab, and is a Barclays Techstars 2018 company. In 2018, FairFrame won the Social Impact Grand Prize in the NYU Stern $300k Entrepreneurs Challenge Competition

What sets FairFrame apart

FairFrame is the only Diversity Technology platform that highlights unconscious bias in written communication across the employee lifecycle, uniquely combining decades of behavioral science and AI


FairFrame has done the hard work of distilling decades of behavioral science research on unconscious bias, and has codified it into a unique, easy-to-use application.  Users can feel confident with the recommendations


Our Artificial Intelligence is continuously learning, to serve its goal of highlighting bias in writing that may be invisible to the human eye, feeding it back through sentiment, context and gender analysis


For HR Directors and Senior Leadership, FairFrame provides valuable insights into how their people are writing about employees across the gender spectrum. Customers can utilize these insights in order to deliver better training and identify systemic issues


FairFrame’s primary text editor allows users to test and edit their written communication in a private workspace, providing help without the need to ask for it. Users are provided with real-time personalized feedback


Performance Reviews

FairFrame worked with a large Global Media and PR firm to analyze 360-degree reviews for Senior Leadership.  Our AI and platform quickly analyzed linguistic differences utilized by different employee segments, and detected potential biased phrases


Media and PR


Reviews of Senior leadership in company


Junior staff expressed difference in language


Identified potential example of ‘double bind’ in reviews


Job Descriptions

For a Global International Finance company, FairFrame analyzed ~1500 Job Descriptions for gender-charged words, balance of pronouns, and other factors that may impact perception of bias 


Financial Institution


~1500 Job Descriptions




FairFrame analyzing correlation of findings to job applicant demographics

Barclays Accelerator Demo Day

Hundreds of investors  
learn why customers use FairFrame for Diversity & Inclusion

After an intense 13 weeks, FairFrame concludes the Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars with our CEO sharing our amazing traction and vision with hundreds of investors and corporate representatives

What Business Leaders are saying about FairFrame

FairFrame is creating dialog across industries and functions

FairFrame combines subject-matter experts with innovative technology to deliver a solution that actually moves the needle on diversity and inclusion

Managing Director

Global Financial Institution

FairFrame has the potential to close the gap between philosophy and execution on diversity

Managing Director

Big4 Consulting

I love the thought that FairFrame can help me and my company to be aware of all of our unconscious biases

Medical Director

National Health Organization

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Our Team and Advisors

FairFrame’s team collectively has decades of leadership and expertise in technology, workplace diversity and inclusion and applied research.

Amy Auton-Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Anna Tubbs

Diversity  Specialist

Tristram Clifford

Senior Technology Lead

Poojan Shrestha

Lead Full Stack Developer

Ramon Jacobs-Shaw, MD​

Executive Board member

Kristin Johnson​

Executive Board member

Paul Becker​

Founding Advisor

Kristin Boggiano​

Advisory Board member

Brian Dolan

Advisory Board member

Laura Mather

Advisory Board member

Chanel Ward

Advisory Board member

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About our logo

Newly refreshed in 2018, our logo incorporates the = sign as part of the stylized ‘F’, which is placed within a frame to convey our desire to ensure all people are truly ‘seen’ for their whole self and appreciated fairly and equally.
Ultra violet light has a short wavelength and is invisible to the unaided human eye. Shining a beam of UV light onto an item can reveal nuance and beauty that was previously hidden.

We chose violet because of its association with good judgement and seeing the best in people and what they can achieve. Historically associated with royalty in some cultures, the color symbolizes a combination of leadership and service. Violet and purple are associated in some cultures with meditation and the desire to see clearly from all perspectives, whilst in others it is a color of sad reflection and comfort. We want our color to inspire thoughts of the future, whilst generating calmness and a greater sense of being in touch with those around us.